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Our importation process

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MD Trading - Our importation process


We provide comprehensive support to our clients, covering operational, tax, logistical, financial, and technological aspects to ensure a complete and efficient planning of their foreign trade activities. We operate throughout the Brazilian territory, taking advantage of special regimes to make your operations even more advantageous and competitive.

Development of suppliers and products abroad

We explore the international market to identify potential suppliers and products, creating business opportunities in a wide range of segments and facilitating strategic partnerships for our clients.

Import feasibility study

We provide a detailed analysis, covering taxes, additional costs, and possible trade barriers, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize the profitability of your operations.

Pricing Study

We support in the detailed calculation of accounting and financial costs, taking into account exchange rates, taxes, logistics expenses, and other charges, to establish a pricing strategy that is both competitive and profitable.

Pre-shipment inspection and overseas supplier audit

Our Pre-shipment Inspection and Overseas Supplier Audit offering ensures that your products meet quality standards before arrival. We evaluate international suppliers and monitor production to mitigate risks and ensure compliance. This service strengthens your supply chain, identifying issues in advance to avoid setbacks and delays, providing peace of mind in meeting quality and legal requirements.

International logistics

We meticulously analyze options for air, sea, and land freight, balancing factors such as cost, delivery time, and cargo security, to provide customized international logistics solutions to your needs. Our approach aims to optimize your supply chain, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind in transporting your goods.

Our importation process


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