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About us

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About us

Facilitating Success in the International Market

MD Trading is a reference in B2B international trade, specializing in connecting Mercosur companies with the global market. We offer importation, exportation, and representation solutions, aiming to strengthen competitiveness and expand our clients’ businesses beyond borders. Our commitment lies in sustainable growth and the establishment of lasting commercial relationships.

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About MD Trading

Our Purpose

To unite people and companies, transcending geographical limitations to open new paths and expand commercial frontiers, fostering a more connected world and unlimited business opportunities.


To change and develop South American companies, connecting them to the rest of the world, creating strong commercial relationships and increasing their competitiveness.


To become the largest international trade company in South America.


  • There is no impossible;
  • Respect for people;
  • There is no short arm - we do what it takes to make it happen;
  • Transparency;
  • Development of solid and fruitful partnerships.


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